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Fractured Ankle Specialist

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Running, playing sports, and other high-impact activities can increase your risk for ankle injuries, especially fractures. The experienced team of physicians at Miklos Foot and Ankle Specialists in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood of Chicago offers in-office diagnostics, including X-rays, to ensure you get fast, accurate results. They also provide comprehensive treatment for fractures to help restore your ankle functionality. If you suspect you have a fractured ankle, don’t delay treatment. Schedule an evaluation online or by phone today to learn more about treatment options.

Fractured Ankle Q & A

What causes a fractured ankle?

A fractured ankle is a condition where a bone in your ankle partially or completely breaks. This type of injury is common for those who participate in high-impact sports and often results when you roll your ankle inward or outward.

In some cases, ankle fractures can develop due to repetitive stress caused by aging or obesity. Fractures can range from mild cracks to severe situations where the bone shatters into several pieces.

What are the symptoms of an ankle fracture?

Immediately following an injury, you may experience sudden pain and struggle to put weight on the affected ankle. Swelling and bruising in and around the ankle is also common.

In situations where the fracture is severe and the bone breaks apart, you may experience an open, bleeding wound if a piece of bone pierces the skin. This type of fracture is serious and needs immediate medical attention.

How is a fractured ankle diagnosed?

To diagnose a fractured ankle, your Miklos Foot and Ankle Specialists physician evaluates your symptoms and performs a physical exam. They may use X-rays or an MRI to determine the severity of the fracture.

Your physician will also review the activities that led up to your pain and other symptoms to determine the cause of the fracture.

What treatment options are available for a fractured ankle?

If you have an open wound or protruding bone, you may need emergency treatment. With serious fractures, surgery may be necessary immediately to realign the bone and close the wound to prevent infection.

For less serious ankle fractures, rest and ice therapy can help alleviate your pain and swelling. Your Miklos Foot and Ankle Specialists provider may recommend keeping weight off your ankle to allow it time to heal and prevent a worsening of your injury.

You may also benefit from a period of immobilization with a cast or brace to limit your movements and give your ankle bone time to heal.

Over-the-counter or prescription medications may be useful for preventing pain and reducing inflammation. You may also need a course of antibiotics to reduce your risk for infection if the fracture causes an open wound.

If you suffer an injury to your ankle and have concerns about a fracture, schedule an evaluation at Miklos Foot and Ankle Specialists today by calling the office or using the online booking feature.

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